Saturday, September 11, 2010

So, this is my very first blog post! how exciting! I want to thank you for stoppin' by to see what I've got in store for this blog. Bare with me it might take a while to get the hang of this. I love to read blogs. They can be so inspiring! Now, about my blog, ahhhhh, I am so excited, to say MY BLOG.. anyways...My blog will be about an array of things.  Recently, I have acquired a love for health and fitness.  In January I started to exercise and eat healthy. Although I have hit many road blocks through the months, one of them being my own lack of will power,   I have still managed to lose about 43 pounds! Exciting huh! I can not take all the credit for this though. The difference for me this time has been that I have decided not to go at it alone..This time I chose to do it with God. Everyday is a journey with God and he is their to help us no matter what we are taking on. Just call on him and you shall receive.. Anything good that is.. So I have decided to take on an even bigger challenge, RUNNING, yes running. Trust me, for me, this is a huge challenge. I am still about 26 pounds overweight, so this makes it even harder. I did my first run on Tuesday,it was 10 min. of walking, then 17 min. of running, then cooled down with another 14 min. of walking. I went a little longer then I was supposed to for the program I'm doing. It felt good while I was running but omg I was hurtin' that night. Well, my little guy is cryin' so I need to go see whats wrong. Have a blessed day!

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