Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wow! Long time no blog!

So, I'm baaaaaack!
I was just gonna forget about the blog thing then I realized how much other peoples blogs help me. So I kinda want to pay it forward even if it is just to give you someone to laugh at. Well, I had to stop trying to run for a while due to a foot issue. I got very discouraged and stopped eating healthy. Stopped exercising all together. Felt worthless pretty much. But God! Yes, But God! He never lets me down! He gave me drive again. I decided with a little push from the big guy upstairs, I am not going back to that depressed lifeless women! After gaining 20 lbs back I cut the gaining trend off! That's whats important. Its not your screw ups, its about what you do to change your screw ups. God loves you no matter what. Ask for forgiveness and let his power stir within you. Manifest in you. Bring life back to you. I was a little bold and contacted a wonderful women on facebook who I only really am acquainted to but don't really know all that well. She has lost so far a little over 100 pounds I believe, so I thought I would see if she would kinda be my weight loss buddy. She has been great! I am now back to eating healthy. Exercising. Drinking lots of water. And am down 9 lbs! Yay! My goal is 150. I am now 186. So 36 pounds to go! Your probably wondering. What about your heal? Yes, I do still have some trouble with it. So I just do what I can do and it seems to be getting a little better all the time. My step-father brought over an exercise bike so that helps alot. Also I found that I love doing Zumba! I'm really not good at it at all but ,hey, its fun! I just do it at home by the way. So, I will be updating my weight loss every week. Either Sundays or Mondays. "God is soooooooo good! His word is true! And it works in my life!" -Pastor Lowe- My Pastor says this all the time. Love it!

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  1. Love it! Excited to hear of your progress and wouldn't mind a few tips. I haven't started gaining since Jocelyn but haven't been able to lose anymore than the initial loss. Kinda stuck so any tips would be helpful!