Saturday, January 22, 2011

God even loves slackers like me. YAY!

Yes, yes, yes. I did it. I became one of those start a blog and weight loss journey and then never post agian for a month. Ugh. Although God does still love me I'm pretty sure it can't be pleasing to him that I have been a slacker. Forgive me Lord. And to my one folower at this point I apologize to you as well. You sent me a comment asking for a few tips. I can give you tips. Please know that I am about to tell on myself though. I do know how to lose weight and have a million times latley. However my problem is my mind. If anything out of the ordinary happens I tend to fall off the wagon latley. Then have to catch myself. And make up for the damage I've done to my body in the mean time. For instance, holidays+medical issues with my son = a 15lb gain for myself! Yep I did say 15lb gain. I am back to 200lbs agian. I gain weight faster then ever!So my first tip would be, deal with stress with God and not with food. I have to work on this. Other tips would be eat whole foods as much as possible. Get the processed junk out of your diet. A big one for me is I have to exercise about six days a week to lose and about 3-4 days to maintain weight. If I stop exercising I start gaining. Thats my body anyways. Drink water. Alot. Don't take in calories through your drinks exept for some milk. You need milk. Stay away from pop. Thats another thing I've screwed up with through the holidays. Also, if you eat white pasta, bread, and rice, switch to whole wheat. Walmart has whole wheat pasta for a dollar a box. So its a cheap and healthy transition. Start half and half if you don't like the taste or texture of the wheat. Don't skip meals. Eat six small healthy meals a day. Its actually 3 meals and 3 snacks. Oh just typing this gets me fired up agian I'm ready once agian to jump back on the train. Thank you Jesus. No matter how much I screw up you always pick me back up. This time I will be doing things a little more moderatley instead of jumping in head first. Bye bye pop. Hello exercise. Have you ever thought of how God loves us as we love our children. Our children are sometimes a little less then perfect on particular days argueing and fighting with their brothers and sisters. Putting matchbox cars in the toilet. Ya know that kinda stuff. Yet, no matter what they do we still love them. In fact we want to help them do better so that they learn to be successful. Well, thats how God loves us. We are all his children. See, I've screwed this weight loss thing up time and time agian but my Father in heaven isn't sitting up there mad at me he is saying seek me Stephanie I want to help you. I want you to succeed. Don't try to do this yourself.  That just gives me hope. Hope that no one can break. Don't try to live your life without your Heavenly Father. Success is in his hands. He is ready to pour out his blessings upon you. Just ask him. And you shall receive.....

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